Apr. 30th, 2011

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WOW. It has been a while since I posted here. But seeing as I just linked a friend here so she could read my po-- I mean, fanfiction. Uh. I figure I should do something productive since I'm not doing homework anyway.

So: I still owe a Bret/Jemaine fic for the Queensland flood auction! While the requester gave her preferences (she likes one-sided longing kinds of fics, which isn't hard to do with those guys fff). Unfortunately I've been kind of...out of it for the past couple months and it just kept getting put off. :( And now I come to my journal with a question:

What should I write?

If anyone reads this and has ideas or anything, feel free to contribute, seriously. Otherwise, I'm going to spitball and EVERYONE TELL ME WHAT THEY LIKE/DON'T LIKE (INCLUDING YOU, REQUESTER, SOB I'M SORRY).

Desert Island (Either literally or they're just playing the game?)
Beauty and the Beast (might be too close to that she_burns one though fff)
Talking in their sleep
"It was a compelling and convincing argument and for that reason he chose to ignore it" (stolen from a prompt site but I could so use this, I think)
"It began with the listless feeling brought on by a Sunday afternoon" (same as above)
"It was then that he began to feel superfluous to the plan" (another prompt-- Jemaine realizing he's not meant to go on dates with Bret? XD)
"It was that summer feeling. It had to be." (D: </3 idk this sounds so sad)
One of them wakes up in a psych ward, the other is a psychiatrist, nothing in the show happened (bonus points for Cruise being a terrible, molesty doctor? oh god /shot)
Post-apocalyptic something something
Zombies something something
"I just thought it would be okay if I told your wife the absolute truth" (another hearbreaking prompt D:)

That's all I've got for now. :|a I'll think on it some more I guess.


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