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eise ([personal profile] eise) wrote2010-09-27 12:04 am

Sorry for spamming everyone but I'm in a mood and this needs to get out.

It's only after several life-is-getting-in-the-way-not-people incidents that I have to admit that Life is more powerful than and of us.

That is, it's silly to get worked up over things that could be very easily explained by an outside circumstance. People are not going to just up and hate me every time I make a mistake. Especially if they've forgiven me before. I have to have faith in them.

Life is too short.

In that vein, I've got something to say:

I love you guys. My friends, my family, the people who've managed to touch my life even slightly through the words they've written (yes, even FOTC fic, and I don't care if you think I'm a sucker for saying that).

I love all of you, and if I die tomorrow, you should all know that. I'm not perfect, and I'm sorry for that, but I do love you and no matter what happens that is not going to change. Even if I completely lose myself to this disease, it'll never change how I feel about any of you. It never has.

I always turn everything onto myself. It might not be healthy, but the fact is that I can never blame you guys for how I react to things. If you hurt my feelings, it's my fault for being sensitive.

Life is too short to care that much about anything.

Except all of you.

Thank you.